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The Maltese towage company TUG MALTA Ltd. started to offer tugboat assistance in the harbours of the Maltese Islands and the waters around in October 1980. They operate six different tugboats all with different bollard pulls and propulsion systems. Their latest tugboat, the Lieni, has a bollard pull of 35 t and was built in 1991. Now TUG MALTA wants to improve their service and ordered two new tugboats. One of the new tugboats is a DAMEN ASD 3111 and was named:


-   Settlement of the project

In April 2005 TUG MALTA Ltd. signed a contract with the DAMEN Shipyard at Gorinchem for the supply of a new tugboat. The new ASD 3111 was built to assist vessels outside the harbour in wave heights over 1.5m and in inclement weather.

-   Specification

The Pawlina was built as an ASD 3111. This is a special development from the DAMEN Shipyard. Some years ago DAMEN started to build standardised tugboats. This ASD has two Rolls-Royce Aquamaster US255 thrusters at the stern. Along the keel there is a skeg to enhance the steering forces in the escort mode. The propellers have a diameter of 2,600 mm. The two thrusters are driven by a pair of Caterpillar 3516B TA HD/D engines. Each engine develops a total of 2,800 bhp. These engines give the Pawlina a speed of 13.4 knots ahead and 13.1 knots astern, with a bollard pull of 67.1 ton(m) ahead and 62.5 ton(m) astern. The tank capacities are: fuel oil 93.2 m3, fresh water 28.8 m3, foam 12.7 m3 and water ballast 84.0 m3.


On the afterdeck between the base of the funnels a 70 t Mampaey towing hook is fitted. Behind the towing hook is a towing bollard to guide the towing line. On the starboard side, next to the towing hook is a Ridderinkhof capstan with a pull of 5 ton(m) and a hauling speed of 15m/min. Near the port funnel, a davit is fitted to handle the Narwhal inflatable.

Forecastle deck:

The forecastle deck is raised in comparison to the working deck. On this deck is a combined anchor and towing winch made by Ridderinkhof. This double drum winch has a hauling force of 50 ton(m). Each of the two anchors has a weight of 427.5 kg. Forward of the winch you find the huge towing bollard.


On the bridgedeck you will only find the two life rafts. At the fore end of the deck house the control panel for the bow winch is fitted. A second control panel is located in the wheelhouse. On the portside of the wheelhouse a small ladder leads to the top deck. On the starboard side is the access to the electronic compartment. Also on the starboard, in front of the funnel, is the supply pipe for the FiFi.


At the fore end of the top deck a magnetic compass, the ships horn and a searchlight are fitted. At the aft end are the two SKUM-FiFi-Monitors and a second searchlight directed aft. The mounted radar was supplied by Furuno.


In the deck house at main deck level, is the captain's cabin, the chief engineer's cabin, galley and toilet. Below the main deck, but above the waterline, are two 2-bed cabins for the crew. Between these cabins are toilets. The office, the engineer's workshop and the dry store are located at the same level.

-   Main Dimensions

Length o.a.: 30,60 m
Beam o.a.: 11,20 m
Depth at sides: 05,00 m
Draught aft: 04,86 m
Total Power: 2 x 2.800 bhP (4.180 kW)
Displacement: 635 t
Speed ahead: 13,4 kts
Speed astern: 13,1 kts
Bollard pull ahead: 67,1 tonnes
Bollard pull astern: 62,5 tonnes

technical leaflet of the PAWLINA, DAMEN Shipyard / Gorinchem,
Website TUG MALTA Ltd.

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Pawlina Pawlina
bow view bollard forecastledeck
Pawlina Pawlina
bow winch bow bollard
Pawlina Pawlina
bow winch bulkhead wheelhouse
Pawlina Pawlina
davit fire fighting station
Pawlina Pawlina
inflatable boat life bouy
Pawlina Pawlina
mast skum monitor
Pawlina Pawlina
dacing steps portside maindeck
Pawlina Pawlina
in the Petroleumhabour searchlight
Pawlina Pawlina
skum monitor stairs from aft deck
Pawlina Pawlina
stairs to bridgedeck life raft
Pawlina Pawlina
wheelhouse stern bollard
Pawlina Pawlina
stern view towing hook
Pawlina Pawlina
ventilator for engineroom view aft deck
Pawlina Pawlina
skum monitor wheelhouse
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