-   ITC Meltemi

In the year 1998 the ITC chartered the the Shoalbuster 2409 Elizabeth from the shipping company Visser & Zn for the work in the UAE. This was the beginning of a success story. Some years ago this small Shoalbuster was replaced by the bigger type 2509. Both ship are still working on the Dubai artificial island project. In the year 2008 ITC bought the first own Shoalbuster type 2609. Nearly at the same time ITC ordered a second unit of this type because the charter rates are pretty good for this kind of vessels. This vessel was delivered in january 2009 and christened:


-   Construction phase

Both the ITC Meltemi and her sister Mistral are of the Shoalbuster type 2609. The Mistral was built as DMS Starling for DMS ( Damen Marine Service ). Like most of the Shoalbusters the casco of ITC Meltemi was built in Poland at DAMEN Kozle and towed to Hardinxveld for the final fitting. At Damen Hardinxveld the main engines, the gen sets, the winches, the crane and the interior was finished. Finally she got the company colors of ITC. After some extensive tests in the Europort the ITC Meltemi sailed for the christening to the port of Amsterdam at the 27 january 2009.

-   Description

General: The ITC Meltemi is a Shoalbuster type 2609. This special ship was developed by DAMEN Shipyard. This kind of shallow draught ship is helpful for a lot different jobs like towing, pushing, anchor handling etc. Two Caterpillar engines with 1100bhp each provide the power for the FP-propeller in Optima-nozzles. The propllers have a diameter of 1800mm. The ITC Meltemi has a bollard pull of 33.3t and reaches a speed of 11.6kts. The tank capacities are 126,5m3 fuel oil, 30,3m3 fresh water, 1,7m3 lubrication oil and 1,7m3 hydralic oil. The vessel has hydraulically driven bowthruster with 200bhp output.

below maindeck:

Below the main deck there are ( from stern to bow ) the compartements for the rudder engine and the tow pins of the type WK Hydraulics - Triple Pin Type - with 60tons swl, the main engine room with the two Caterpillar 3508B TA/C and two gensets type Caterpillar C-4.4 TA. In front of the main engine room there are several tanks for freshwater and fuel oil.


The workdeck is partial covered with wood to protect the steel deck. At the bulwark at starbord side are the emergency hatches of the engine- and rudderengine room. Just behind the deckshouse the hydraulically driven towing winch AHW-H-400 manufactured by Ridderinkhof is fitted. Both drums have a pulling force of 40t at 3m/min and 5,5t at 17,5m/min. The brake holding force is 50t. The port side drum carries 600m wire with a diameter of 36mm, the starbord drum carries 300m steel wire with a diameter of 36mm. At the basement of the towing winch the Mampaey towing hook DCX 30/45 is fitted. Beside the winch on port side is the Brevini tuggerwinch with a pulling force of 8t at 4.5m/min. The drum is albe to carry a max. of 75m steel wire with a diameter of 18mm. The towing fairlead and the crane basement are connected and thus form an assembly. The crane is a HLRM 140-4SL made by Heila and fully remote controlled. The capacity is 5.3t at 18.03m. The rear end of the stern forms a stern roller with 50t swl. Also on this decks level you will find the accomodation for up to 7 persons, the sanitary facilities and the combined galley/ mess.


It is raised approx. half a deck above the workdeck. On this deck the hydraulically driven anchorwinch is fitted. The Pool TW-anchor are of the type HHP and each has a weight of 225kg. On the forecastle deck is an access hatch to the bow thruster compartment.

Bridge deck/ wheelhouse:

The main control console is of a U-shape. Between both legs is a sliding seat. In the control consoles are the monitors for the electronic seacharts of Radio Zeeland and the radar FAR-2117 ARPA. Furthermore the control elements of the autopilot Zeeland Seapilot 75, speed, rudder, the navigational lights and the displays for the echolot Furuno FE-700 and the helm are fitted. Below the ceiling are two further consoles with displays for the main engines, VHF and gyro compass. At the rear wall of the Wheelhouse a huge window gives a good view to the working deck, the crane and the towing winch. A console carries a second pair of lever for the main engines and the winch. At starbord side is a L-shaped seating accomodation and all computers for the electronical systems of the ship are fitted in the cupboards at the front end of the bridge.


At the front end of the topdeck two radoms for the Sat-Com system are fitted. Between this radoms is the magnetic compass Cassens & Plath. At starbord is a Pesch searchlight ( Seematz ) with 1000W directed fore. A second searchlight is at the rear end of the deck next to the ac-unit directed aft. On both side a life raft of the type Viking 8DK ( 8 persons ) is fitted. Below the foldable mast with all the antennas and navigational lights are three boxes with accus for the VHF equipment.

-   Dimensions

Length o.a.: 26,02m
Beam o.a.: 09,10m
Depth: 03,60m
Max. draught: 02,65m
Displacement: 260t
Main engines: 2x Caterpillar 3508B TA/C
Engine output: 2x 1100bhp
Bollard pull: 33,2t
Speed: 11,6kn

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ITC Meltemi push bow
topdeck front view wheelhouse
topview winch spooling gear
towing hook winch with towing fairlead
tugger winch anchor winch
funnel emergency hatch
superstructure stern view wheelhouse
mast crane
stern view superstructure Stb main engine
rudder engine main control console
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