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TUG WORLD REVIEW: This annual review contains the profiles of the most interesting tug that have been built throughout that year. Each tug reviewed come with a GA drawing and the specification. In addition to these tugs you will find some news about the international tug, towage and salvage industry. Published by the ABR COMPANY LIMITED/ U.K.
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FAIRPLAY - dafür steht der Name: A book about the german tugboat company FAIRPLAY written by Hans-Jürgen Witthöft. Unfortunately the book is in german, but with a lot of very good photos. Published in 2008 by Koehler Verlagsgesellschaft. 136 pages
ISBN: 978-3-7822-0973-1
Prize: ca.29€

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ASD-Tugs: Thrust and Azimuth / Learning to drive a Z-drive: Driving school for every tugboat fan. Published by Cornell Maritime Press. 176 pages
ISBN: 978-0-87033-617-1

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BOW TUG OPERATIONS: This monograph explains the underlying reasons for a number of serious accidents which have occured when using ASD-tugs. Content: Definition and introduction, risk and effectivness, importance of experience and training, practical conclusions and cases that have been investigated. Published by Nautical Institut.
ISBN: 1-870077-733
Prize: 15£
Erhältlich bei www.tugandsalvage.com or at Nautical Institute London.

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THE TUG BOOK: This book covers the latest innovations and developments and comprises over 200 photos and diagrams. You will also find a lexicon. This book is a irreplaceable reference work for every tugboat enthusiast. Published by PSL/ U.K. 242 pages
ISBN: 1-85260-0608-8
Prize: 20£
Available at www.tugandsalvage.com

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ITS Magazine

ITS MAGAZINE: This magazine attends every two month. You will find the latest news from the tug and salvage industry. Published by ABR COMPANY LIMITED/ U.K. approx. 40 pages
Prize: 35£ ( subscription for one year )
Subscription available at www.tugandsalvage.com

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Geschichte der Schleppschiffahrt URAG: A tugboat book about the towage company URAG. This book is in german and no longer availbale ( out of print ). The book was published to the 100 anniversary of the URAG. All tugboats are reviewed with general spezification and some drawings ( up to 1990 ). Published by Koehlers Verlagsgesellschaft. 120 pages.
ISBN: 3-7822-0500-6
Prize: out of print

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Schlepper des NDL/ Hapag-Lloyd: In the year 1994 the towing company of NDL/ HL was sold to Bugsier and URAG. One year ago this book was published. All tugboats are reviewed with general spezification and some drawings. Published by Koehlers Verlagsgesellschaft. 144 pages.
ISBN: 3-7822-0628
Prize: out of print

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BUGSIER SCHLEPPREEDEREI: In this book you will find the history of the BUGSIER Reederei- und Bergungs-Gesellschaft m.b.H.. All tugboats are reviewed with general spezification and some drawings. Published by Koehlers Verlagsgesellschaft. 160 pages
ISBN: 3-7822-0631-2
Prize: out of print

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TUG USE IN PORT: A practical guide for tugs use in port. It covers: tug design, harbour tugs, assisting methods, bollard pulls and new developments. Published by Nautical Institut. 192 pages
ISBN: 1-870077-39-3
Available at Nautical Institute London.

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International Transport Contractors: The book was published to the 25 anniversary of the ITC. It is bilingual ( in dutch and english). This book starts at the year 1973. Published by Pirola/ The Netherlands. 356 pages.
ISBN: 90-6455-253-3
Prize: ca.35€

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FAIRPLAY: A book about the german towage company Fairplay. Most of the tugboats are reviewed with general spezification and some drawings. Published by Elbe-Spree-Verlag. 158 pages.
Prize: 32€

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Röda Bolaget

Röda Bolaget: This book is about the history of the swedish towage company RÖDA BOLAGET. Unfortunately this book was written in swedish, but with very good photos. At the end of the book you will find a register with all the tugboats and technical specification. Published by Röda Bolaget. 50 pages.
Prize: I can´t remember. I bought this book at the maritime museum in Göteborg/ Sweden

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