-   Delta Multi Purpose Pusher Tug 2500

In the year 2004 Smit International started an extensive tug newbuilding program. Smit ordered 18 tugs for varius Smit divisions. At IHC Holland Delta Shipyard they ordered three new tugboats for Transport and Heavy Lift. These DELTA MULTI PURPOSE PUSHER TUG 2500 are of an innovative design and built for a wide variaty of duties. Up to five further tugboats may be ordered over the next years. The first three Delta-tugs were christened:


-   Construction phase

Most of the tugboats of Transport & Heavylift are on duty for a long time. Now time has come to buy some new tugs. The new tugboats were built for wide variaty of duties such as the support of large marine projects for oil and gas industry, dredging operations and infrastructural developments e.g. wind farms. These tugboats have a shallow draft hull and it is easy to rigg them with the equiment for firefighting, salvage and oil response. On deck they have lifting lugs to lift them onto a transport vessel. All three tugboats have a 140t- Heila-Marinekran and a 150t stern roller. The three sister were delivered in 2006. Smit Bison had the biggest entrance. During the world habour days in Rotterdam she was lifted onto a barge. So the visitors had the chance to see the hull below waterline. Just after this event Smit Bison was towed back to IHC for the final fitting. In the meantime all tugboats are on duty. The port of registry is Rotterdam.

-   Description

General: The DELTA TUG has a special hull form. The shipyard developed a tugboat with a shallow draft hull. The nozzled Wärtsilä Lips-FP-propeller with a diameter of 2000mm are turning into a recess in the hull. At the bow below the waterline you will find the skeg with the hydraulically driven Veth Jet bowthruster with an output of 150kW. Each tugboat has a pair of Caterpillar 3508BTA main engines with a power output of 2000bhp ( 1492kW ). With this configuration the vessels achieve a speed of 10kts and a bollard pull of 27,5t. At the bow a heavy fendering and two push bows are located.

Forecastle deck:

Both pushbows have steps at the rear And on top a bollard. Between the pushbows a large H-bollard is fitted. On the starboard side between the starboard pushbow and the H-bollard you will find the anchor winch. At the front of the deckhouse a ladder leads to the bridge deck and the wheelhouse. Just beside the ladder you will find the emergency hatch for the accommodation. Along the walkway from forecastle deck to the work deck some vent pipes are situated.

Work deck:

The free area of the work deck has a size of 60m2 and is covered with timber. Besides the workdeck a cargo rail is fitted. On the workdeck the dubble drum anchorhandling and towing winch manufactured by Kraaijeveld is fitted. The winch has a towing force of 50t at 7-14m/min and a holding power of 70t. The towing drum carries a towing wire with a length of 700m and diameter of 38mm. The drum for anchorhandling carries 200m towing wire with a diameter of 44mm. For anchorhandling there are also a wire stopper and towing pins from WK Hydraulics. The towing hook was manufactured by Mampaey and has a safe working load (swl) of 35t. The sternroller has a beam of about 3m and a swl of 150t SWL. On starbord side of the towing winch the DD-Marine crane with a swl of 21t at 5,1m reach and 9,25t at 12,19m reach. On starbord side behind the cargo rail the emergency exits for the engine room and the rudder gear room are located.

below maindeck:

In the bow area you will find the accommodation for a maximum of six persons. The laundry and the showers are located on the starbord side and on portside is a store. On the same level further aft is the main engine room.

Decks house:

The superstructure houses a large messroom and the galley. The only access to these rooms is through the locker room. Despite of the two main engines the Delta tugs have only one exhaust funnel at the starbord end of the deckshouse with the Smit-logo on it. On each side of the bridge deck a life raft and a life bouy are placed. On the portside a ladder goes aft to the workdeck.


The wheelhouse has two parallel consoles. On starbord you will find the control lever and the rudder, and on port side the control panels for the bow thruster and the winch. Additional there is a ladder down to the locker room and at the aft end of the wheelhouse a small galley. All three tugs have a navigational equipment for GMDSS Area A2.


There is a ladder from the bridge deck to the top deck. On the topdeck two radars are fitted. The radars are manufactured by Alphatron. The mast is hinged and carries the navigational lights. At the fore of the top deck a magnetic compass, the ships horn and a searchlight are fitted and at a second searchlight directed aft. Also on the top deck are the accumulatorbox and the aircondition equipment.


The three sisters started work just after the delivery. The christening took place some days later. Their main area of operation is the dutch coast line. One of her took part at the salvage of the MSC Napoli at the coast of Dorset/ GB.

-   Dimensions

Length o.a.: 25,40m
Beam o.a.: 10,00m
Depth: 03,43m
Draught, max.: 02,75m ( 98% )
Main engines: 2x Caterpillar 3508B Diesel engines
Output: 2x 746kW /1000bhp
Bollard pull: 27t
Speed: 10kts

Data sheet IHC Delta Shipyard,
TUG MAGAZINE Smit International,
Crew Smit Bronco

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Smit Bronco in Rotterdam side view starbord
bow view workdeck with stern roller
Anchor winch with starbord pushbow portside pushbow
Mast Topdeck
stairs to the workdeck Funnel
Emergency hatch accommodation life bouy starbord side
Towing hook Emergency hatch main engine room/ rudder engine room
towing fairlead Heila-Crane
Towing winch Towing winch
life raft pantry in the wheelhouse
starbord control panel port control panel
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