-   ASD-Tugboat Claus

In may of 2006 the Lindenau shipyard in Kiel started to built a new ASD-tugboat. The Lindenau shipyard has a world wide reputation in building double hulled oil tankers. Building an ASD-tugboat was a new experience for this shipyard. The tugboat was built for the towage company J.Johannsen & Sohn and was christened:


-   Construction phase

Johannsen & Sons have offered towage and mooring services in the ports of Lübeck for over 100 years. Before the Claus was delivered the tug fleet consisted of three tugboats: Clara, Axel and Michael. With the integration of Claus to the fleet the Michael went to the Fairplay towage company in bareboat charter to the port of Rotterdam. One of the reasons for ordering a new tugboat and transfer of Michael to Fairplay was that the Michael has only a bollard pull of about 42t. The Lindenau shipyard has built this tug with the cooperation of the Hitzler Shipyard and the towage company. On this tugboat you will find the same security system as on the large oil tankers from Lindenau. You wont find this on any other tug in the German ports. The keel laying took place at the Lindenau shipyard in May 2006. Some month later the Claus was lauched by a floating crane and christened on the 21.10.2006. After extensive yard trails the tugboat was handed over by the shipyard in december 2006.

-   Description

General: Claus is an ASD-tugboat with two Schottel-Rudder-Propeller type SRP 1515 below the stern. In each nozzles turns a FP-propeller with a diameter of 2600mm. The tugboat is powered by two ABC-diesel engines 8MDZC-1000 with 1850kW each at 1000U/min. With this configuration the Claus attaines a bollard pull of 64,14t and a speed of 12,7kts. The tank capacities are for diesel fuel 235t, for water 24t and for ballast 65t. Claus doesn´t have a FiFi-system.at the hull deck line a D-fender-system (200mm) is fitted. The bow and the stern have rubber blocks. Above the bowfender a cylindrical fender is fitted.

Below maindeck:

The main engines made by ABC and the gen sets made by Cummins have their seperate engine rooms. The generators deliver 150kVA at 1500U/min each. The schottel compartment is located just behind the engine room. An additional towing wire is stored in the schottel compartment between both schottel units. For the replacement the wire will lead through a hatch in the working deck. In front of the engine room some workstores are located.


On the workdeck a hydraulically driven towing winch from Bruselles is located. The winch has two drums. The starboard drum carries a 100m long polyester wire with a diameter of 52mm. The portside carries a steel wire with the same diameter and a length of 700m. The pulling force is 35t, the brake load is 165t. Above the winch the mob-boat made by DSV is located. You will find the davit for this boat made by Global on the starbord side. Next to the winch a vertical capstan with 10t swl and a disc towing hook with 65t/swl is fitted. There is direct access from the workdeck to the deckstore on port side, the CO2-store on starboard and to the deckhouse. On this level you will find the galley and two cabins (port side) and washing facilities, messroom and a further cabin (starbord side). All accomodation / rooms are fully airconditioned. The funnels are on both sides of the superstructure.


On the starboard side you will find the crane for the Mob-boat. On each side of the deckhouse some different kinds of exhaust pipes are located. Just behind the deckhouse on the side deck level you will find the aft mast, with towing- and stern light. Two ladders lead from the working deck to side decks. On this level you will find the accomodation for the captain and the 1.officier. From the side deck you have direct access to the forecastle deck. On the forecastle deck a hydraulically combined towing/ anchorwinch made by Bruselles is fitted. Like the stern winch this towing winch carries two drums. Each drum carries a polyesther wire with a length of 100m and a diameter of 52mm. The brakes for the winch a powered by airpressure. The winch has a pulling power of 35t and holding force of 85t. The anchors are driven with the same winch. In front of the winch direct at the bulwark a double towing fairlead is fitted.


On the bridgedeck some liferafts and lifejackets are fitted. On each side a small two-step-ladder leads into the wheelhouse. The controls are fitted in two desks with a sliding seat in between. The controls for the stern winch are fitted in an extra desk at the back of the wheelhouse. The winch is driven by the chief from this desk or directly from the winch. Behind the winch control desk stairs lead to the accomodation. The navigational equipment contains magnet compass, gyro compass, autopilot, two radars, GPS, 1x echo sounder. Navtex and AIS. Communication equipment is to GMDSS-A1+A2 standard.

navigation deck:
The mast with the two radars, two search lights and the navigation lights are located here. Below the mast are two boxes with accumulators for the communcation equipment. At the front end of the deck the magnet compass is fitted.


The Claus has her home port in Lübeck and flies the German flag. She was built as a three man tug and will be manned if necessary. The headquarter of Johannsen is manned 24 hours 7 days a week.

-   Particulars

Length o.a.: 32,50m
Length waterline: 30,67m
Beam o.a.: 11,64m
Depth: 05,95m
Draught: 04,95m
Air draught: 22,39m
Displacement: 834 t
Volume: 448GT
Main engines: 2x ABC 8MDZC-1000 Dieselmotoren
Engine output: 2x 1850kW bei 1000U/min
Bollard pull: 64,14t
Speed: 12,7kn
IMO: 9408645

towage company J.Johannsen & Sohn,
Datasheet ASD-tugboat "CLAUS"

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bow view stern view
Claus in her homeport bow view port side
bow winch top view bow wiinch side view
front view wheelhouse mast
starbord console galley
main engine schottel
life raft port side superstructure starbord side
fairlead at the bow fairlead work deck
cargo rail work deck
work deck and wheelhouse datasheet
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