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In 2012 Sleepdienst B.Iskes & ZN B.V. and Damen Shipyard signed a contract about the building and delivery of a new tugboat. Iskes ordered a DAMEN ASD 2810. But this ASD 2810 is not a normal tugboat. This tugboat was planned and built as hybrid tugboat on a proven and reliable design. In 2014 after an intense test program Damen handed over the tug to the new owner. The new tug was christened


-   Description

The special feature of the tug is the hybrid propulsion concept. The Bernadus was planned from the beginning as a hybrid tug. Additional to the main engines of the a MTU 16V4000M63R type with a total output of 4935bhp two electric motors of the ABB M3LP450 type with each 230bkW were fitted to the shafts. For sailing in the diesel-electric mode there is a generator MTU 12V 2000 M41B with an output of 800kVA. All three MTU engines have exhaust treatments meeting TierIII requirements with diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), diesel particulate filtration (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR). For sailing in electric mode the new tugboat have two rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery packs with a capacity of 120kWh each. These packs - housed in an own air-conditioned compartment - can be charged by the MTU generator, the electric motors on the shafts or from shore power.

Another special feature are the different types of propulsion concepts. The helmsman can choose in which mode he wants to sail via a console on the bridge.

  • electric mode via battery pack and electro motors
  • diesel-electric via generator and electro motor
  • diesel propulsion via the main engines

With the batteries the Bernadus can sail 4kts for about one hour. Up to a speed of 8,5kts the electric motors will be powered by the generator. Above this speed the Bernadus sail with her main engines like a “standard” ASD 2810. The top speed is 13kts, the bollard pull ahead is 60,2t and astern 55,3t.

All other measurements and outputs are as you can find on a „standard“ ASD 2810.You can find these measurements on the website of Damen Shipyard.
-   Particulars

Length: 28.67m
Beam over all: 10.43m
Draught: 05.15m
Displacement: 604t
Main engines: 2x MTU 16V4000M63R
Output main engines: 4935bhp
Main electric engines: 2x ABB M3LP450
Output electric engines: 2x 230bkw
Speed ahead main engines: 13.4kts
Speed ahead electric engines: 8.5kts
Speed ahead batteries: 4kts (for approx. 1hour)
Speed astern main engines: 13kts

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Maritime Journal Maritime Journal
Tug & OSV ABR Company

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Bernadus Bernadus
bow view side view superstructure
Bernadus Bernadus
overview starbord side stern view
Bernadus Bernadus
overview port side deckhouse starbord side
Bernadus Bernadus
aft view wheelhouse starbord side
Bernadus Bernadus
starbord side deckhouse & wheelhouse aft view mast
Bernadus Bernadus
front view wheelhouse aft view crane and sternwinch
Bernadus Bernadus
bow winch towing fairlead
Bernadus Bernadus
winch drive stern winch
Bernadus Bernadus
spooling gear crane
Bernadus Bernadus
fifi monitor stern bulkwark
Bernadus Bernadus
stair in the wheelhouse wheelhouse
Bernadus Bernadus
starbord console helmsman position
Bernadus Bernadus
2-man cabin galley
Bernadus Bernadus
single cabin control monitor
Bernadus Bernadus
bulkhead to battery compartment battery rack
Bernadus Bernadus
main engine electric motor
Bernadus Bernadus
thruster fifi pump
Bernadus Bernadus
generator aux engine
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