-   Der Peter

In September 2006 the established tugboat company Petersen & Alpers decided to enforce their fleet of tugboats in the port of Hamburg. The lastest newbuild was the Michel some years ago, but these days the port has a strong need of more powerful tugs. In march 2006 the building contract was subscribed and the tug was delivered to Hamburg only a year later. On the 19.September.2006 the new tug was christened:


-   Construction phase

In September 2006 the compnay got in contact to the major shipyards. After some testsails with different kinds of designs the Company decided to order an ASD 2411 of the DAMEN Shipyard/ Gorinchem. The contract was subscribed in March 2007. The tug was built in Vietnam and just 14 month later the first test sail took place. The Peter was delivered pickaback on a heavy-lift-ship to Rotterdam. The tugboats sailed on her own keel from Rotterdam to Hamburg. After the christining the tug started her new life in Hamburg.

-   Description

The PETER was built as an ASD 2411® (Azimuth-Stern-Drive)with two Rolls-Royce Aquamaster US255 thrusters at the stern. mit den Antrieben unter To enhence the course stability and steering forces there is a skeg along the keel. The rear one third of this keel is open to reduce the force of the prop wash. The propellers of the US255 have a diameter of 2600mm. The two thrusters are driven by a pair of Caterpillar 3516B TA HD/D engines. Each engine develops a total of 2,800 bhp. These engines give the Peter a speed of 12.5 knots ahead and 12 knots astern, with a bollard pull of 70 ton(m) ahead and 63.8 ton(m) astern. The tank capacities are: fuel oil 74,8m3, fresh water 8,6m3.


On the afterdeck of the Peter thier is no towing winch, but a massive T-shaped bollard. Just beside this bollard is a electrically driven capstan a Ridderinkhof capstan with a pull of 5 ton(m) and a hauling speed of 15m/min. At the stern in front of the bulwark there is another bollard. On port side as well as on starbord an emergency hatch to the engine room is fitted.

Forecastle deck::

The forecastle deck has the same height like the afterdeck. n this deck is a combined anchor and towing winch made by Ridderinkhof. This double drum winch has a hauling force of 30 ton(m) at 8m/min or 9ton(m) at 33m/min and a brake load of 150ton(m). Each of the two anchors are of the HHP type and has a weight of 360 kg. Forward of the winch you find the huge towing bollard.


On the bridgedeck you will only find the two life rafts and a life bouy on each side of the bridge. At the rear end of the bridge a ac-unit is fitted. On the portside of the wheelhouse a small ladder leads to the top deck. Below the the raised floor at the fore end of the wheelhouse there are the accesses to a small electronic compartment. Two consoles with all control elements are located parallel to the ship's center line. Between these consoles there is a sliding seat. In front of the captains chair and below the ceiling radarscreens are fitted. The navigational equipment contains two radio sets, NAvtex, AIS and DGPS.


The mast, the radar Furuno FAR-2117 on a separate mast, a magnet compass, one search lights of a Seematz type, antennas and one ac-unit port and starbord are located here.


The Peter has accommodations for up to 4 persons all above maindeck and like the wheelhouse fully air-conditioned. The cabins do not have ensuite facilities.

-   Particulars

Length o.a.: 24,47m
Beam o.a.: 11,33m
Depth: 05,35m
Max. draught: 04,60m
Engine output: 2 x 2.800bhP (4.180kW)
Displacement: 483ton
Speed ahead: 12,5kn
Speed astern: 12kn
Bollard pull ahead: 70t
Bollard pull astern: 63,8t

Data sheet PETER of DAMEN Shipyard / Gorinchem,
Website Petersen & Alpers.

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Peter Peter
sideview bowview stb
Peter Peter
sternview stb starbord side
Peter Peter
bulwark stern T-bollard and sternview superstructure
Peter Peter
towing- and anchorwinch topview winch
Peter Peter
towing fairlead stairs to wheelhouse
Peter Peter
frontview wheelhouse sternview deckshouse
Peter Peter
stairs to bridge funnel with life raft and ac-unit
Peter Peter
mast topdeck
Peter Peter
captains chair engine room
Peter Peter
gen set portside thruster
Peter Peter
switchboard room galley
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